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12 Things Sellers Do That Drive Realtors Nuts

 For most people, their home is the largest asset they’ll ever own. That means that when it comes time to sell it, many experience a welling of emotions that makes them eager, anxious, and

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When And Why You Should Refer A Real Estate Agent

 You probably know a real estate agent or two.Are you constantly thinking about them?Are you constantly on the lookout for people you can refer to them, who are buying, selling, or renting real

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How To Buy A House Even If You Have A LessThanPerfect Credit Score

 Buying a home is, for many people, an essential part of the American dream. But for people with a checkered financial history – and a less-than-perfect credit score – it can feel like a

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Coreys Neighborhood Drive By Reunion Country Club Hoschton Ga

 Corey's Drive By Riverbend at Mulberry Braselton Ga Neighborhood ReviewA weekly | Daily review of a local neighborhood in North.

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